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The Teaching and Learning Resource Center (TLRC)

The Learning Resource Center (LRC) was established primarily as a systematic academic and psychosocial support program for the Excellence-Equity Admissions System (EEAS) of UP. The Center is envisioned to provide students with necessary assistance that will further enhance their quality of life on campus. Its main task is to provide instructional support services to UP students to ensure that the goal of promoting academic excellence will be realized in a more caring and nurturing environment. It is to administer assistance programs designed not only for freshmen but also for all other students in the University.


The LRC was put up in the Miagao and Iloilo City campuses under the Office of the Vice- Chancellor for Academic Affairs in 1997, as integral part of the University’s democratization initiative. Its function was to maintain academic standards through instructional and enrichment programs. One of these is the Summer Bridge Program (SBP) which has been providing tutorial services for students.


Through the years, the Center has also found the need to provide support structures that would improve teaching competence. In collaboration with the Division of Professional Education, College of Arts and Sciences, it has conducted workshops/seminars on teaching principles and methods. It has likewise made available resource materials on teaching through a newsletter and a Teaching Excellence library.


The vision, mission, functions, and programs of the LRC have evolved to cater to needs of the students as well as of the faculty.


Because of the expansion of the Center’s functions and programs, the UP Board of Regents approved the renaming of the Learning Resource Center (LRC) to Teaching and Learning Resource Center (TLRC) in its 1251st meeting held on 23 November 2009. In its 1259th meeting on 27 August 2010, the BOR integrated the Interactive Learning Center (ILC) into the TLRC.


The Interactive Learning Centers (ILCs) in the different CUs were established by the BOR on 25 September 2003. The functions of the ILCs were: to produce multimedia materials, monitor and evaluate instructional multimedia projects, ensure the accessibility of materials to students and faculty, organize training sessions on instructional technologies, maintain and upgrade equipment and facilities, and enforce policies that ensure the quality of materials. UPV has an ILC in the main campus of Miagao and another at UPV Tacloban.


At present, the TLRC has three major programs and services, namely: the Learning and Instructional Assistance ProgramTeaching Enhancement Program, and Interactive Learning Program.


The Learning and Instructional Assistance Program (LIAP) includes the Summer Bridge Program classes, computer and Internet access, tutorial services, instructional modules, photocopying and printing services, and book and movie clubs.

The Teaching Enhancement Program (TEP) provides training on teaching principles, methods and strategies, the Speak to Us of Teaching newsletter, the Teaching Excellence library, and the Peer Review of Teaching program.


The Interactive Learning Program (ILP) offers Learning Object (LO) design and evaluation, technical assistance and services to faculty, teacher training on LO and digital instructional materials development. 

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