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Teachers also apply for grants to produce learning objects. Through Learning Object Program members of the faculty produce teaching materials in interactive digital format. Said teaching materials are intended to be used by teachers in their respective classes.

Available Learning Objects include:

The Home of Sex Cells, Fish Mouth Tell No Lies, and Sex Cells in the Making.

To play these Learning Objects, follow these steps.

    1. Download this file (Flash Player) and save it to your computer (It is recommended to save it in your DESKTOP).
    2. Download the LOs .SWF file at the link below.
    3. Double click the file icon (flash player) you’ve downloaded earlier.
    4. On the flash player menu, click FILE then OPEN, click BROWSE (you will be prompted to the file location of the LOs SWF).
    5. Click the SWF file (e.g. home_of_sex_cells.swf)
    6. Click OPEN
    7. Click OK

After clicking the OK button, the LO will play automatically.

Click here to download the .swf file

Click here to download the .swf file

Click here to download the .swf file