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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

If you have been identified as a "bridger", YES - you are required to attend the Bridge Program as the BP Completion is an admission requirement in your case.

The UPG (i.e. UPCAT score) is the basis for identifying students who need to undergo the BP Program.

The TLRC has coordinated with the Residential Services Unit of UPV and bridgers can avail of dormitory accommodation (to those who have indicated so through the Google Form) for a small dormitory fee.

Note: beddings should be provided by the students.

The Bridge Program is a required course for those who have been identified as bridgers. Therefore, there is a need to complete the entire program.

On the first day there will be a general orientation to be followed by a Diagnostic Exam. The days after will be a series of refresher lectures and assessment activities.

No, your performance in the assessment activities will not affect your admission (i.e. you can still enroll in UPV even if you fail the assessment activities). However, as per required, you still need to attend the day-to-day activities as part of the completion of the program.

The schedule for classes will be as follows: half a day for English for two weeks, and half a day for Mathematics for two weeks.

The Bridge Program will be delivered face-to-face here in Miagao. Online activities are yet to be identified, should there be any.

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